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Baccano! Blu-Ray Box Photos

Hey there, fellow Baccano! fans! As you may or may not know, the Blu-Ray box was released yesterday. My copy was juuuuust delivered, so I thought I'd share a block of photos of it. I'm sorry they aren't scans of it, but my scanner has been out of commission for a while. If no one has scanned it by the time I get a replacement scanner, I'll post scans (though that may be in several months!!).

The box is GORGEOUS. The booklet it comes with is very text heavy, it looks like the only pictures in it were already in the DVD booklets, so I didn't take and pictures of them. The yellow thing in the booklet is either a ticket to or the opportunity to buy a ticket to the live event "Welcome to ALVEARE," Which I would SO GO TO if I had more time to plan the trip. Argh! The poster is really nice, it's printed on a craft paper, which gives it a cool old look. Please pardon my hands and feet in the last few photos!

A couple details:
-It's not native HD, it's an upscale (but looks FANTASTIC)
-Includes English subs
-Includes English dub
-Super easy menus to navigate (honestly, it comes up and pretty much says "Japanese or English?" and if you want Japanese or English subs, the menu for that is super easy too)
-Best Blu-Ray release ever
-Best series ever
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