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NDS Ending... O.O

I found this on the Chinese Baidu forums, and I just had to translate and post it. For those who can read moonspeak, they posted a Jap transcript with Chi commentary/summary.

I mean... seriously. Narita must have written this while on dope or something.

Loose translation, because it flows better and I don't fully understand what the first sentence of Firo's comment means.


After Claire ties the rope around Lua's neck, choose "D: shout 'Let's marry!'"

Ladd shouts:

"----I'm in love! I want to marry youuuuuuu!"

Vino, Lua, Chane go O.O. The train still keeps running in the ensuing silence, until the rope unties itself from Lua's neck. But she doesn't notice and only mumbles,


This voice shakes everyone out of their reverie. Vino coughs and says,

"Ah--, you, what'd you say just now?"

"Let's marry. How many times must I say it, you idiot?"

Ladd's expression is extremely serious, and Vino can't help but press a hand to his head.

"Let's see, um, let me say just one thing... I'm a guy, you know."

"That's obvious from just looking at you. So what'd you wanna say?"

"--- Those are my lines."

Vino looks perplexed, and Ladd asks,

"Is it all right to suddenly register for marriage?"

"No, it's normal. --Just that, um, how do I say it, I'm a guy and you're a guy, so it's a little... well, it's quite worrying."

"Doesn't matter."

"No, it does matter. And, you've got a fiancee. What're you going to do about that?"

Vino points at Lua, but Ladd just glances at everyone and says without any hesitation,

"Break up!"

Once Lua hears that, she cries,

"...... Ladd... Can't be..."

"Sorry 'bout that, Lua. The woman I want to kill most in this world is you. That hasn't changed. --Just that, I wanna kill that guy hundreds of times more. Well, it has nothing to do with whether that guy's a guy or a gal. He's my sweet guy!"

"Wait a moment. Why'd you want to kill me? I don't get what you're saying."

"It's fine, don't mind it. I want to kill you more than anyone else. That is, I love you more than anyone else!"

Hearing this, Vino ponders this for quite a while, then...

"---You really love me?"

"Yeah, of course I love you! I love you so much I'm going nuts!!"

Vino muses over this many times longer than before and reaches a conclusion, and that is---

The church bells start ringing.

"I understand. Let's get married."

This is the first time in Vino's entire life someone's confessed to him. Although unfortunately it wasn't a beautiful lady. But, seeing Ladd's serious eyes, everything else didn't matter anymore.

"---This guy's serious. So... Well, fine, even though you're a guy. It doesn't change the fact that you love me."

A few months later, someone sees Ladd and Vino lovingly holding hands as they walk down the streets of New York (to be more precise, it's Vino draping his arm around Ladd's shoulders...). Vino finally finds his life-long partner.

Congratulations, congratulations.

Firo's commentary: Do you understand how much I hate this ridiculous ending? Put yourself in my shoes for a bit. ...Ubu, I can't take it any more. Please try again, I'm begging you. Ennis, save me, Ennis.
Tags: translation: game script
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