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Thank you for visiting the net's very first (?) English Baccano! community, kindly hosted by LiveJournal.com. Here we strive to provide as much Baccano! related information as possible with primary focus on the original novels written by Ryohgo Narita, complemented by details from the anime/manga adaptations where necessary.

Please review the following guidelines before you make a post for the first time at our community:

→ All entry tags are administered by community mods. You don't need to manually tag your entries.

→ All content/graphic spoilers must be placed behind a LJ-cut.

→ It is preferred that large images and long paragraphs are placed behind a LJ-cut as well, though you're not required to do so until formal complaints have been filed.

→ Please friend-lock all media-related posts. Note: fan works are excluded from this rule. (i.e. icons, fan art/fiction, etc.)

→ Be nice to all fellow members and stay on topic!

→ Hoping for a new Baccano! anime season? Sign the petition now! (Instructions are found here)


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